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Bob Bowling Audio Recording is THE place for quality audio recording in South Jersey.



Bob Bowling Audio Recording is a recording studio located in southern New Jersey

that features both analog and modern digital tools combined with an energetic, optimistic

and HELPFUL engineer. Music is my passion and I focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting. My goal is to make quality recording a possibility for local musicians

in an environment that is comfortable and affordable. Let me help you get your music

to your fans in a professional, high quality recording.



I can record up to 16 tracks at once (full bands) on a virtually unlimited number of tracks for overdubbing. I also am happy to record drums only, for people that have some kind of recording setup but not enough mics or inputs to track a kit. I can give you the files processed or unprocessed and then you can go finish your project at your space.

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If you've recorded tracks at another location or recorded them yourself and don't know the best way to get to the final product- bring them to me for final mixing.  I can open any Logic or ProTools session or import your files and start fresh.



If you've got some tracks that aren't quite what you wish they were- bring them to me for tuning, timing, drum replacement/doubling or just to add something special via Melodyne, Steven Slate Trigger and many other plugins and processes that can really make your tracks shine . Lots of people have these plugins, but they must be mastered to be effective and transparent.

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