I love recording and creating music.

I'm looking to help local artists get their music out by offering high quality recording at a fraction of the expected cost. My mission is to get the best performance out of an artist and to help them find and capture their own unique qualities. I have the knowledge, the space and the gear to help get local artists music out to the public in quality form. I can record up to 16 tracks at once (full bands) on a virtually unlimited number of tracks for overdubbing. I also am happy to provide "drums only" recordings, for people that have some kind of recording setup but not enough mics or inputs to track a kit. I can give you the files processed or unprocessed and then you can go finish your project at your space.



south jersey recording studio, Bob Bowling Audio
Bob Bowling, GoodMan Fiske, south jersey recording studio
Bob Bowling, Stallspeed, south jersey recording studio

Great House Kit

Professional Engineer

Fun & Comfortable Environment

for lots of photos of bands and artists in session

Shure KSM32, Rode NT5 (2), Vintage AKG C414 B-ULS, Cascade Gomez ribbon mic, Shure SM7b, Shure Beta 52A, Shure SM57(6), Shure SM58(2), Sennheiser e609, Sennheiser e604(4), Sennheiser e835(3), GrooveTube GT66



Universal Audio 4-710d tube preamps, JDK Audio R20 dual mic pre by API, MOTU 896mk3, Avid Eleven Rack, Presonus MP20

Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb, Custom 1x12" cab (Cannibis Rex), Fender Blues DeVille, Peavy 5150 full stack (original BLOCK LETTER 5150), Avid Eleven Rack, Radial X-Amp reamp box


Logic Pro 9, ProTools 10, Melodyne Editor, Waves SSL 4000 Channel Strip, Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, Waves SSL G-Equalizer, Steven Slate Trigger, Slate FG-X, Slate VCC, Eventide Ultra Channel, Waves C1 and CLA Classic Compressors, SoundToys Little Primal Tap, Plug&Mix complete bundle

Fender Strat (American Special), Schecter Tempest Custom, Fender American Special P-Bass, Korg Triton AND Prophecy, Pearl Session Custom- 6 piece (all maple) drum kit, Yamaha A3M acoustic guitar

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